Contemporary Snow Hill Villa Design Ideas

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Modern Tropical Villa In Thailand

A far more traditional Asian tropical design so popular inside the region is reflected inside the contemporary design of the villa. For all those guests who either have not experienced that Asian tropical experience or enjoy this type of accommodation, then this Modern Tropical Villa In Thailand is among the best you‘ll ever find....

Emphasize on Planes in Architecture

In the 1920s El Lissitzky developed and proposed the idea of horizontal skyscapers — Wolkenbügels, or "cloud-irons" — eight structures intended for the Boulevard Ring in Moscow. His logic was that as long as humans could not fly, moving horizontally was natural, and moving vertically was not. In an area where there is not...

Awesome Caribbean Viceroy Anguilla Villas

Elegant and incomparable, the Villas at Viceroy Anguilla give a premium Caribbean oceanfront location on coral bluffs adjacent towards the resort’s center and overlooking Barnes Bay. These luxury Caribbean villas offer two-levels of dramatic views from the bay and convenient admittance to all Viceroy Anguilla's resort amenities.

How to Improve Winter House Design

Unlike other home, occupying a house full of weather conditions in the winter of different responses. Modern home winter dibangung specifically with the design and building materials that are resistant to the attack of bad weather in winter. Here are some tip from us to you who want a winter home that is conducive : Paint Painting...

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