Modern Tropical House Carqueija Brazil

Coming from the architect. Located in Camaçari – Bahia – Brazil, the HOUSE CARQUEIJA is about 260, 00 sqm inside a 1.400,00 sqm site, having a reduced program, and no unused spaces, the house is supposed to become more site sensitive, emphasize the surface life, and provides functional and cozy living spaces. With an...

Contemporary Snow Hill Villa Design Ideas

Discover the extraordinary inspiration on Contemporary Snow Hill Villa Design Ideas You can explore this site to find out the design-home design and charming interior, Welcome to visit

Unique Flintstone House in Malibu California

Perhaps you have imagined living in an exceedingly cavernous home such as the ones throughout the Stone Age? People in which era would dwell either inside a rock home or inside a cave. This really is what you‘ll see inside the famous cartoon sitcom, The Flintstone House. The sitcom is really a humorous story...

Awesome Caribbean Viceroy Anguilla Villas

Elegant and incomparable, the Villas at Viceroy Anguilla give a premium Caribbean oceanfront location on coral bluffs adjacent towards the resort’s center and overlooking Barnes Bay. These luxury Caribbean villas offer two-levels of dramatic views from the bay and convenient admittance to all Viceroy Anguilla's resort amenities.

Modern Tropical Villa In Thailand

A far more traditional Asian tropical design so popular inside the region is reflected inside the contemporary design of the villa. For all those guests who either have not experienced that Asian tropical experience or enjoy this type of accommodation, then this Modern Tropical Villa In Thailand is among the best you‘ll ever find....

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